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  • Price your Recipes with accurate Calculation

    Our system helps you calculate costs of each recipe accurate within a cent, on the basis of labor cost, ingredients and other components. Careful assessment of expenses is an inbuilt component of the whole business.

  • Calculate ingredients with Weight to Volume conversions

    What if you add an ingredient to your recipe on a Unit Of Measure different then you buy it? thats called Weight to Volume conversions, you have this instantly Calculated using our predefined List of thousands of items, Just attach it to your ingredient.

  • Calculation of your Labor Costs

    If you work for catering business, then you have to know that it is a completely routine to estimate each worker’s job on each process of the recipe, and add it to the recipe cost. If the recipe is compound, it complicates the calculation process even more. We simplified this process, using our service it takes only few minutes.

  • Convert Recipes into Ingredients

    What if you add an ingredient to your recipe which is your own made ingredient? You have the ability to attach a recipe to an ingredient, and it will calculate this recipe as an ingredient when you add it to your final recipe in any UOM.


Compose a recipe by simply adding ingredients. The system calculates your recipe cost instantly.

  • Simple search, filtering and access to your recipes.
  • Simply manage of recipe ingredients.
  • Automatically calculate the recipe cost instantly.
  • Automatically calculate the profit of recipe.
  • Automatically calculate the nutrition fact for recipe.
  • Automatically calculate the labor cost for recipe.
  • Export recipe to PDF file.
  • Upload an image of recipe.
  • Describe cooking processes.

Measurement Units

Review measurement units. If you cannot find the unit which you are looking for just add it.

  • Simple search, filtering and access to your measures.
  • Simply add your own measure with any measurement unit.
  • System has a lot of different measures and you can use them without any restriction.


Manage your ingredients. You can create, edit and export your ingredients to this page. You are able to use those ingredients for creation of your recipes.

  • Simple search, filtering and access to your ingredients.
  • Simply add your own ingredient with any measurement unit.
  • Attach the existent food item from the db of USDA.
  • Calculate the weight and volume in the different units.
  • Determine cost of the ingredient.
  • Export ingredients to PDF file.

My Account

Manage information about yourself or choose a subscription.

  • Easy access to your subscription information.
  • Review billing history.
  • Change the subscription type any time.
  • Manage your private information.